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Welcome to Evan Teplitsky Performance Golf.

Evan Teplitsky Performance Golf strives in helping people reach their Golfing goals. We do not only work on your weaknesses but we enhance your strengths.

Our Team is ready to advise, coach and mentor you, we go the journey with you!

2 x Fully Qualified PGA Professionals (PGA of SOUTH AFRICA & PGA of AUSTRIA)

1 x Fully Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer

1 x Fully Qualified Physio

1 x Fully Qualified Nutritionist





see your improvement
Grow physically & mentally
be ontop of your game
be competitive
Improve your health

Improve your game now

Private lessons focusing on your individual needs. You will leave the lesson with an improvement plan (incl. video and pictures of your swing before and after) in order to reach your desired goals.

Lessons will include state of the art equipment such as Hackmotion 3d Wrist sensor, Foresightsports & Flightscope X3 launch monitor, as well as a bunch of other the best training aids out on the market to support your improvement.

Online Coaching .

Online lessons will include an initial video analysis, voice-over suggestions for  improvement with drills and feels. All online lessons come with a follow up video call to reasses and offer further guidance. *(must be used within 10 days of the online lesson)

– Do I need a good camera?

Most smart phone camera’s offer adequate video recording, high speed/slo mo is preferred.

– Where do I position the camera?

At approximately elbow height from both views, down the intended target line, in line with the hands for down the line view and perpendicular to the intended target line from front on view.

– How do I upload my swings?

Swings sent to Evan via Email – etgolfacademy@gmail.com

Download via Smart Phone: Hudl Technique Golf and join Evan Teplitsky and his Team

Unparalleled custom fitting experience . Taylormade Master Fitter

From putter to driver, custom fit clubs willl make a big difference in your game no matter your skill level.

With over 16 Years of experiece as a teaching professioanl, Evan has built up an understanding of the how to individualze each fitting according to the golfers strengths and weaknesses. Evan is a Taylormade Master fitter, with his knowledge and his personal touch you will be well on your way to playing better golf with added enjoyment.

All fittings are done using a launch monitor as well as individualised equipment based on the players strength and ability.


Golf & Fitness

Power Shots Class

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Train to Perform

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Short Game Master Class

Put yourself to the test

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